George Diemand

 After having such amazing results when I started drinking Kangen water I had to know why this is possible.  My health is better at 65 than it was at 50.  My dry eyes went away, my arthritis disappeared, my hair is growing back in, my facial skin is smoother, my varicose veins are receding and most of all, my testicular pain has disappeared.   How and why is that possible?  I just needed to know.

Dianne Diemand

I am the oldest of 4 and was raised in Coquitlam, BC  I went to Catholic schools all of my life and married at 19 years old.  I had two children and my first husband died of cancer at a young age of 50.  If i would have known then what i know now we would have lived a healthier life and thus must likely prolong his life.  I later met George and married him.  He has 4 children to together we have 6 children and 1 grandchildren.

In the last few years, being in Enagic, George and I have learned so much about water and health.  I always did drink a lot of water but not half as much as i now can drink with our special Kangen water.  My health improved immensely.  My horrible acid reflux is gone and i have a lot more energy.  I have seen so many excellent results with all our customers.  This is our mission, to help one home at a time towards better health and wealth.

Technology and Agriculture

With my background and diploma in agriculture and animal studies and having worked all my life with technology.  I have been studying intensely about the technology and the interactive action of this water at a molecular structure at cellular level.  To my surprise, it is nothing new.  The universe has been built in a miraculous way.  The world is 70% water, human and animal are 70% water.  This kangen water exists in nature such as: when lightning strikes a lake, or 2 feet around an iceberg floating in salt water, or the water coming off a glacier and running over rocks and waterfalls.

I became so eager to help my family and friends that most of them purchased their machines.  Every person experiences different healing results.  Try to take their machines away from them – it would not happen.  And it is not just about drinking the water but being able to clean around the house and disinfect with only water is the biggest bonus.  No chemicals!  And the special waters that our machine makes also has helped with healing cuts and cold sores and joint pain etc.